What is

UPF France?

( UPF.FR )

The United Packaging Forest – France project was launched in September 2021 at the initiative of NAOS, Berry | PET Power and Fidel Fillaud, already UPF members.

The major reforestation project United Packaging Forest (UPF) / Trees for all originated in the Netherlands with the aim of bringing together companies related to the packaging world around a common environmental project: contributing to reforestation.

Although packaging is indispensable and necessary in many areas (preservation of ingredients and foodstuffs, protection of products during transport, reduction of waste which is a source of pollution, etc.), we, the packaging industry, are well aware that unfortunately packaging is at the root of some of the world’s pollution. This is why we are committed to participating in actions aimed at preserving the environment.

Through United Packaging Forest – France, we choose to slow down global warming and preserve biodiversity by restoring and creating new forests, initially in France and Ghana.

Together, we have already donated 1 000 trees, half of which will be planted in France in the autumn of 2021.

A good start, but our goals are much higher! Our goal is to unite as many packaging-related partners as possible in one action to achieve a result that carries real weight on a global scale.

Are you a packaging producer or trader, a packager, a transporter, a user, a major brand, … Do you want to take action for the environment and the preservation of our living space? Help UPF – France, join the movement.

In Ghana, it is said that “water is life”. Water retention is crucial and trees play a very important role in water retention.

The UPF France-Ghana project

In France, the first project would be to replant trees in an existing forest near Lyon whose trees are diseased.

In Ghana, it is to replant trees in the Bongo district, in the far north-east of the country, one of the driest areas in the region. Desertification there has led to deforestation along the riverbanks and caused erosion. The planted forests will slow down the process, create jobs and help fight climate change through the action of our trees on CO².

Why reforestation?

Every year, more than 10 billion trees disappear from the earth’s surface! And the consequences are numerous and dramatic: drought, climate change, poverty, food shortages, natural disasters are directly linked to global deforestation.

On the other hand, we all know that trees allow the conversion of CO2 into oxygen, offer a living environment to many animal species, provide food for both humans and animals and are a source of rest and relaxation for nature lovers.

In short, trees are absolutely essential

Who does what?

Within the UPF.fr project, we collaborate with the Trees for All foundation, responsible for all international UPF projects for all donations and the realisation of forestry projects, such as in Ghana.

In France, trees are planted by the association Reforest’Action to create forests according to the same principles as Trees for All with predefined requirements.

To find out more about these two organisations, click on one of the following two links:


Who is already involved?

Enthused by the UPF.FR project, NAOS, Berry | PET Power and Fidel Fillaud have joined forces. A unique collaboration, in which all parties have expressed the desire to mobilise as many partners as possible to participate in this sustainable and non-profit initiative.

Whether you are a multinational, an individual, a customer, a supplier, an employee or whatever your connection to the packaging industry may be: you are welcome!

For more information on the UPF-France project, please contact one of the three project managers below: